About Us

The Leading Independent online School

We were founded in 2016 with a vision to bring good and balanced education that combines the traditional with modern technology. Formally known as Reflection Home Tuition, Our goal was to provide great quality, highly sought-after education, no matter where you are on the planet. With access to an Internet connection, students can study anywhere in the world. 

We are more than just academics. Royal Mount School’s online learning teaches students the soft skills required for a successful future career. Throughout their studies, our Student Experience Managers help students grow personally and academically.

Our Vision And Ethos

Our vision is to cultivate children’s hearts, minds, and souls in order to promote personal growth and transformation. The Royal Mount School model seeks to harness and strengthen personal ethics and values in order for children to grow into honourable global citizens grounded in logic, wisdom, courage, and humanity.

We provide high-quality, comprehensive, and enriching education based on positive role-modeling, respect, and moderation. We encourage active self-learning to help children develop their integrity and self-esteem, allowing them to reach their full academic potential and make a significant contribution to the global community.

Board and Curriculum

Students at Royal Mount School have more opportunities, with three different boards to choose from: IGCSE, CBSE, and NIOS.

We provide stimulating and challenging lessons to help our students improve their literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills. Each subject area organises additional activities both during and after the school day to enhance learning. Our curriculum is broad and balanced in order to meet each student’s intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, and moral needs.

Online Homeschooling - Live Lessons

Teachers teach students in real time in a safe and secure virtual environment, following a standard timetable from Monday to Friday. Throughout the lesson, students communicate with the teacher and with one another using a variety of mediums such as video, voice, text, and a virtual whiteboard. Students benefit from personalised and meaningful learning when Leraning Management System tools are integrated. Class discipline is given equal weight, and attendance and behaviour are monitored on a regular basis.