Key stage 4 - International GCSE

Key Stage 4: International GCSE (Years 10-11)

International GCSE is a well-balanced and adaptable course of study. This curriculum is used in many top schools in India and around the world. Most subjects allow students to choose between the core curriculum and the extended curriculum. This gives students of all ability levels the freedom to select subjects that are appropriate for them while also providing the opportunity to earn good grades.

We offer a variety of International GCSE examination courses online at Royal Mount School, which you can find listed below.

International GCSEs are the most popular international qualifications for 14 to 16-year-olds around the world. They serve as your entry point to higher education or professional studies in your home country or abroad. They can assist you with:

Obtain a place at a university, either at home or abroad.
Look for better job opportunities.
Pass the language tests if you want to emigrate or study in another country.
Develop skills that will enable you to live a more exciting and successful life. International GCSEs include skills that are sought after by top universities and businesses all over the world.

Core Subject

Up to 7 core international GCSE subjects are included.

Core Science

You may choose science as part of the core package

Core Language

As part of the core package, you can select Hindi, French, or any other foreign language.

Additional Subjects

You may add any of the additional subjects you want to your core package.

Optional Subject

The students may choose as many or as few of the optional subjects they like